This is the story this webcomic is based off of. I'll update this as I add pages. Now you can see the edits to the script I've made x3


The wind blew the discarded shopping bags over the lot behind the Henceville Mall’s parking lot. Except for the field of dying grasses and weeds, there were no other plants swaying in the fierce wind. The wind stopped abruptly, dropping the bags on the ground in crumpled heaps. The air itself seemed to ripple, and the area around one spot over the ground seemed to distort. Then, in a flash of light and wind that blew all the bags away, there stood two teenagers, looking around warily.

“It looks the same as home,” the boy said, his hand gripping the girl’s shoulder so tightly she had to shrug it off.

“Of course,” she snapped. “This… ah, let it be. We’ve got work to do.” She began a quick stride forward, but the boy stayed put looking doubtful.

“Niah, you should’ve tried to blend in better,” he commented.

Niah looked down at her outfit, a red short-sleeved t-shirt with a long-sleeved white undershirt and baggy dark red pants. She frowned. “Nothing seems wrong to me. Stop worrying like my mom, Tyson.”

“What about your hair?” he asked, exasperated. “You told me pink hair wasn’t natural on… Earth.”

Niah waved a hand as if dismissing the comment. “People will think I dyed it. Now let’s go, and remember – we’re seh-nah-dians.”

“I think it’s pronounced ‘Canadians’,” Tyson answered softly.

“Come on,” Niah snapped. Tyson stood there, nervously swaying from foot to foot. Niah’s expression softened when she noticed how nervous he was. “I’ll be with you, nothing will go wrong,” she assured him, taking his hand. Tyson nodded slowly, his face reddening slightly. He forced a smile and the two began at a quick pace toward the mall.


“Red or blue? Kamii?” Kamii started and looked up at her friend, standing with an irritated look on her face and a sweater in either hand. “Well? Red or blue?” she repeated, holding up each color as she spoke them.

“Don’t you have two just like those back at Nenen’s?” Kamii asked inattentively, looking back at where she was staring earlier.

“Three actually,” her friend huffed. “And what’s up the spacing out? Is Kai here?” She teasingly pulled one of Kamii’s chestnut brown pigtails.

“Delilah!” Kamii snapped, good-naturedly. “And no… it’s them.” She jabbed a finger in the direction of two teens around her and Delilah’s age opposite them. They were wandering aimlessly, looking around with wide eyes as though they’d never seen a mall before. They began chattering when they spotted a poster advertising the newest model of Corvette, and the girl began laughing.

Delilah looked at them quizzically. “So they have bad taste in cars and the chick dyes her hair pink. Big deal. Unless they’re aliens,” Delilah said mysteriously, her lime-green eyes widening. She laughed and put the red sweater back on the rack, then looked thoughtful, pulling it back out and replacing the blue one.

“Something’s weird,” Kamii argued, frowning slightly. “I can feel it in the air.”

“Enough voodoo, we need to get to Shoetopia to get matching red shoes!” Delilah announced dramatically, waving the red sweater gently.


“Are you-“ Tyson began, but Niah put her hand up in a warning gesture, then pressed a finger to her lips. Tyson sighed, but started again quieter, “Are you sure it’s here?”

“Pretty sure,” Niah replied, equally as soft. “But there’s something weird, I think it’s… moving.” Niah absently brought her hand to the crescent moon around her neck. Tyson could sense her unease as she cringed, telling him wordlessly it was still on the move.

Suddenly with a muffled “Oof!” Tyson was pushed forward, and he turned to see a girl fall back on the floor, her many shopping bags tumbling to the tiled floor. “I’m sorry!” Tyson stammered, dropping to the ground immediately to help her collect her fallen bags. Niah rolled her eyes before helping him. Jeez, lots of bags, she thought with resentment.

“Thanks,” the girl mumbled as the two returned the multitude of bags into her arms. Niah looked into her brown eyes and thought she saw something familiar, the same quick flickering in her eyes she saw in Tyson’s. The girl had a strong sixth sense, even stronger than Tyson’s! Was it possible this girl’s aura was interfering with her tracking?

“Oh, you missed one,” Tyson commented, reaching for a small white box. The second he touched it he let out an involuntary gasp and drew back swiftly.

“Are you okay?” the girl asked, utterly confused.

“Fine,” Tyson mumbled, his eyes wide. He rubbed his hand vaguely, but Niah didn’t see anything wrong with it. She looked suspiciously at the box and felt a twinge from within her necklace. This was it! One look from Tyson told her he knew it too.

“Kamii!” came a voice. Niah, Tyson and Kamii looked over to see a tall girl with jet black hair in two buns on either side of her head running over to them. She had so many bags strung on her arms she looked like an overly full Christmas tree. “You okay?”

“I’m fine,” Kamii replied irritably. She picked up the fallen white box easily and popped it open.

“Thank goodness!” Delilah breathed. “It’s not broken.” She pulled out a slender black ribbon with a faded red gemstone hooked onto the center.

“What a relief,” Kamii agreed. “It cost me nearly half of what I had with me.” The two friends turned to Niah and Tyson, just realizing the two were still there and staring at the gemstone intently.

“Can we help you?” Delilah asked, shifting back uncomfortably.

“Oh,” Niah snapped back to reality and hastily smiled as pleasantly as she could. “We were just admiring your choker. Looks neat.” Niah kicked Tyson softly in the leg. Kamii and Delilah shared a suspicious glance.

“I’m Kamii,” Kamii introduced herself, breaking the awkward silence. She extended a hand after shifting her bags to her other one. Tyson, who was nearer, shook it hesitantly. Niah knew the second their hands touched Kamii would see through their disguise.

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