Chapter Two Page Eight

August 24th, 2008, 9:59 am

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Author's Comments:


x3 Jeez, Tyson, could you be any cuter? I love embarrassing him. I apologize for the busy page, but THIS PAGE TOOK NEARLY A DAY. LIKE IT D:<

PS, if anyone has questions you can ask them now ^^

PPS, there are two references to Japanese culture on this page. The first is that Delilah's holding up her index finger, which I've read Japanese people do when discussing someone's boyfriend. They hold up their thumb when talking about a girlfriend. And the way Delilah's wearing her watch is how most Japanese people wear it. I now decree that Delilah is part Japanese D:<

PPPS, there's actually other people in the mall now! xD If you want your character to cameo as a shopper act now, cuz there's only one page left in the mall.

PPPPS, I updated twice. Go back one page.

FUN FACT- I wear my watch on my right hand, but I'm right handed. I hear it's not normal to wear it on your dominant arm.


User's Comments:


lol tyson was sooooo cute!!!


five minutes later .... i'm still laughing from the CANADIANS!! oh goodness...thats amazinful


I wear my watch on my right hand too... Huh.
That Canadians panel is too cute though X3

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